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Established 2009 for serious mystery,
suspense & thriller writers
in Asheville & Western North Carolina.
Working together to become better writers.
(See Crit Group Procedure.pdf for how the group works.)
Info for Potential Members

Looking for help with your writing?
Looking for insightful critiquing and input from other writers
who understand the unique issues of mystery authors?
Looking for help getting published, either
through self-publishing or a more traditional route?


We are an active and productive group of mystery and
suspense writers based in Asheville, North Carolina.

Paranoid about your work being ripped off?
Don't be.
We are a group of creative folks with too many ideas as is,
and we exist to help one another improve our own original work
and get that work published.

Most of us have tried other writers groups
but found them unfocused on issues that
mystery/suspense writers have to deal with.
We are focused.
We know how red a herring has to be
and when to drop another body through the skylight.

If you're interested, you will be asked to submit a
writing sample of your current work in progress,
along with a plot synopsis for the group to review.

For more info, call Michael Havelin at (828) 712-5570
or email to


Misc WNC Writing Events

Feb 18, 2016
Battery Park Book Exchange
& Champagne Bar
Asheville, NC
Look for our table card.
More dates to follow.